I am a team manager and UX designer, with 4 years experience in building happy teams and over 15 years experience in creating and building easy to use and easy on the eye interfaces.

About me

Photo of me and the catMy name is Emma and I am a team manager with 4 years experience in building happy teams. I have over 15 years experience in tech and as UX designer. And also a cat.

My main motivation is to help people and teams grow. I have built and scaled multiple cross-functional development teams, as well as helped several people grow in their career. I am a leader, player and coach for the teams - I believe in solving problems together, not in hierarchy. I coach teams and team members as I solve problems, so they can become more autonomous and efficient every day. I like to prioritize aggressively for the present, so I can have the time to create an inspiring plan for the future.

I have a good understanding of technology, infrastructure, best practices, how software should scale, how it doesn’t and what are the risks involved. It has been my experience that a good manager can lead a team regardless of the roles in the team and the technology used.

You can see my resume here.

What I offer: